LIMITED EDITION Scarf: Quail & Leaves

Now on sale for a limited time only!

We learned how much quail lovers love their silk scarves once we started going down south and meeting some terrific artists, landowners, and hunters. We did more than a little research, some of which included bringing home a bunch of leaves, pine needles, photographs and suggestions. The result was a crop of gorgeous one-of-a-kind hand-painted scarves, and this new design before you. It's all ours, original and unique, just not hand-made in our studios. The difference is about a couple of hundred dollars, but the effect is the same: wow. As in, Beautiful Wow. Staggeringly dramatic silk twill (can you hear that swish when you pull it from your collar?) in a big-as-it-should be large square (36 x 36 inches to be exact). Add this one to your wardrobe and be Beautiful Wow. Gift boxed.

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