LIMITED EDITION Scarf: Quail, Flowers, Butterflies & Bees

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When we were asked to design a new silk scarf featuring Bobwhite Quail, one in "springtime" colors, the first thing we did was research (as usual), this time into the habitat of the plantation-dwelling quail and what happens there in the spring. The answer? Blossoming Azaleas, flowers of Dogwoods (lots of dogwoods!) - specifically in pink. And in keeping with our penchant for mixing animal kingdoms as well as flora, we put in a regional butterfly, and the much-honored Honeybee. Just so happens that the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly is the state butterfly of Georgia as well as is the Honeybee the state insect! Well, there you have it. A scarf to honor the creatures, their habitat, and the colors of springtime.
Dramatic silk twill (can you hear that swish when you pull it from your collar?) in a big-as-it-should be large square (36 x 36 inches to be exact). Add this one to your wardrobe and be marveled. Gift box included.