Silk Scarf: Brook Trout and Autumn Leaves

Brook Trout have their addicts. But even a novice can never quite describe the beauty when one of these miracles is lifted out of the water. It only takes one time. And then we recently heard from a fly-fisher/tyer/guide friend (Jeff 'Bear' Andrews, actually) all about his guided fishing trips to Labrador for massive wild Brook trout. It set our imagination aflame, and we came up with a new suite of drawings that led to a new set of silk-screens, all with the idea of creating an all-Brook-Trout scarf. Here is one outcome of those efforts: hand-dyed golden yellow Haboti Silk (extra wide),with hand-painted Oak, Maple and Aspen leaves, pine boughs and mayflies in flight. It's 13 x 60 inches, wide enough to wear lightly draped over the shoulders, with a hand sewn rolled hem. Some folks use our scarves as wall hangings, some drape them over their pianos. Show this work of art your own way. Gift box included.

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