Silk Necktie: Shotgun Shells, Coral

Shotgun shells make such a nice design. They're colorful, come in several shapes and sizes, they're evocative, and they're playful. If I've left anything out, feel free to let me know. Here's our offering in a lovely choral background color. It looks good on everyone, frankly. So whatever kind of sportsman you are, whether you are into wingshooting, duck hunting, whatever -- this is the necktie for you. We've admired the playful, artful, and coolful designs created by Bird Dog Bay for a while now, and at last we are able to bring them to our Painted Trout customers. Because you know how to play, after all; you're anglers and wing-shooters, aren't you? This tie is available in teal and blue, also.

Check out the many photos that'll show you the details that make these ties so charming: the logo inset on the back of the tie, the sweet gift box into which a tie arrives rolled rather than folded - oh, and these ties are a little bit longer than our ordinary tie, cut to 58 percent long with a 3 1/4 percent width at their widest spot on the apron. Every tie has a long center-stitched self loop and Bird Dog Bay custom tipping.
100% silk, hand-printed, and handmade.

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