Silk Necktie: Croquet, Coral

Croquet is its own mystery cult. Most people think of it as a lawn game at parties. This tie, however, is for the people who know what croquet really is. Tournament whites, nail-biting play, intense strategizing, international competition, and custom-made mallets imported from Australia. There's history, tradition, rules and regs, and afterwards, cocktails.  So if you're one of those fanatics, or even just married to one, this is your tie.  Flattering coral color, drop-dead classy design. It's one of our favorites here at the shop.

Check out the many photos that'll show you the details that make these ties so charming: the logo inset on the back of the tie, the sweet gift box into which a tie arrives rolled rather than folded - oh, and these ties are a little bit longer than our ordinary tie, cut to 58 percent long with a 3 1/4 percent width at their widest spot on the apron. Every tie has a long center-stitched self loop and Bird Dog Bay custom tipping.
100% silk, hand-printed, and handmade.

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