SA Sharkwave Ultimate Trout Taper

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Now 35% Off! Also known as the Trout Stealth line, Scientific Angler's Ultimate Trout taper is a trout angler’s dream. Expert delivery of dry flies is what the design goal was when the folks at SA introduced this line. You will be able to present that fly beautifully, no matter the distance. The Ultimate Trout can also handle nymphs and small streamers, depending on the occasion. The compound design provides enough weight up front to turn over flies, while the extended rear taper provides superior line control throughout the drift.

  • Dry Tip Technology combines with Sharkskin texturing for ultimate flotation
  • Mastery Textured running line delivers longer casts without abrasion
  • Features the Tactile Reference Point (TRP), a non-embossed section at the end of the head
  • For temperate climates
  • Delicate deliveries, even at a distance
  • Superb dry-fly line with minimal water spray and easy pick-ups