REDINGTON Men's Shuttle Pant

When guys come into the shop and get their hands on these pants, the inevitable response is, "Oooo, these are nice!" Then they try them on in the changing room, and well, the final result is a purchase. One day the internet will be able to impart the sensation of touching a fine fabric, but until then, you just have to take our word. This is one heck-of-a handsome technical pant for fishing, and it's just about the same amount of handsome if you think of it as an ordinary pant, by which we mean casual. It's flattering on everyone, provides comfort and breathability, and is a great all-around color. The Shuttle pant features multiple pockets, winged gusseted crotch for mobility, a reinforced seat for durability, and UPF 30. Two inseam options: 30" and 32"

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