RAILRIDERS Women's Adventure Top

This versatile travel top is a must have for adventuring women who want to look great, stay cool, and keep dry.  It's one of our most popular women's tops here at the store, and we have one ourselves in every color (that's the royal 'We' - which means me, Lauren, the owner).  It's got a crisp hand, so it always look smart, though you might want to fold it nicely when you pack (it does have a tendency to look wrinkled at first, but once you've worn it for a few minutes, the wrinkles actually do relax). 

Sun-blocking 1.5 oz nylon/poly blend is breathable and lightweight, and the side and inner arm mesh panels give extra ventilation.  The fabric is engineered to increase evaporation, so you stay dry and the fabric stays dry.  Three-button front, one inch cuffs, and flattering stand-up collar makes this top more of a blouse that's as suitable in town as it is on the boat, the trail, the river, or the golf course. 

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