FISHPOND PIOPOD (Pack It Out) Microtrash Container

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When Fishpond came out with this product, I admit I was skeptical. That was back before I had a flyshop. I just wasn't sure anyone I knew would use one of these things. Fast foreward to now, and I know for a fact that tons of people use these. They use them, give them to friends, keep a spare and buy again if they lose theirs. It's just smart, considerate, and true to the core ethics of our sport.

If it matters to you what color, shoot us a note with your order.

  • Rugged, durable, recyclable construction with unique elastomeric cap readily accepts used tipped, wrappers, drowned cigarette butts, etc.
  • Specially designed to facilitate containment of waste monofilament line and tippet, which can endure in the wild for hundreds of years
  • Dual attachment provisions – can be clipped to a fabric loop or belt, or attached to a D-ring or fishing lanyard