Holiday Cards: Jingle Trout - Box of 10

You asked, we deliver: Holiday Greeting Cards are here! We start off with this very amusing box of 10 Jingle Trout (Salvelinus noel, in Linnean nomenclature) cards (and envelopes, of course), whimsical, colorful and unique. A close cousin to the Brook Trout of North America, the Jingle Trout's habitat (so the card tells us) range is 'Evergreen forest streams to North Pole; also found near malls.'  It's behaviour is described as 'Decorates nest in winter; most active in the month of December.' It's preferred fly is the Teddy Bear Dun.
(We sometimes fish for Steelhead in the winter, but we've never used a Teddy Bear Dun.)
Charm and amuse your friends with this unique seasonal greeting card. Blank inside.
4 3/4 x 6 1/4 inches Sealed Boxed.

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