HARDY Cascapedia

Several years ago, a friend of mine sold me a new-in-box Cascapedia that he had bought but never used. I won't tell you the price I paid, but the whole thing went down because Hardy was going to be discontinuing the reel model. It was the 6/7 size, and I put on a Joan Wulff Signature Series WF6 line. I guess that last part isn't important but I have a weakness for good kit, and the line is part of it. (I'll stop myself before describing the rods I've used it with.) Anyway, the Cascapedia did go away for a couple of years, but it's back now, and better, more handsome, more advanced than ever. So naturally we had to get in a selection for the shop. It's unlikely this new Hardy-Made-in-England Cascapedia reel will be going away again, but it's also true that they're hard to get ahold of, because they're selling out everywhere. Available in a full 4 size range, for every fresh water scenario from trout to two handed Spey. The two smaller sizes feature a classic click check system, while the larger models feature a fully functioning disc drag with an inbuilt audible clicker to give you that classic Cascapedia sound.

  • Made in UK
  • Full barstock construction
  • S -Shaped Handle
  • Classic Click check ratchet sound

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