Handpainted Pewter Pin: Rainbow Trout

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The Rainbow Trout, perhaps the best known trout of all. By which we mean even non-anglers have heard of it. Gourmands love it every bit as much as anglers, for not the same reason to be sure. I remember a wild time with one as a reward for a distance cast when I was a new fly angler many years ago. It was the Delaware River, West Branch, and I was fishing with my then boyfriend many years my senior who was miffed  - and I mean miffed - about it for the rest of the weekend. But it was my first Rainbow and I still remember that first-time feeling as it surged away in anger and leaped high out of the water.
But I digress.
Where were we? Oh, yes: Bring back your own memories (or charm one into being) with this colorful little handpainted pewter pin. Wear it on your hat or lapel (or anywhere else you choose, since it's got two tacks to secure it).
Makes a great gift for any angler, fisherman, lover of wildlife or artful dresser. Includes gift box.

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