FISHPOND Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit

There's nothing like feeling ready when your buddies call with an invitation to get together for some fly tying fun at the local bar. We organize a little Monday night fly-tying get-together at our local Beer Grotto, for instance, and it's great to be able to just grab our Tomahawk and know we've got everything we need. With this smartly designed piece, you can have everything organized ahead of time, all the time. Multiple see-through windowed pouches, tubes for thread spools, and even an vise storage area.
  • Two exterior padded pockets for vice and components
  • Integrated internal vise storage pocket with two zippered compartments
  • Eight large “see-through” zippered mesh material pockets
  • Large 10” x 16” zippered mesh pocket
  • Four 10” clear tubes for thread spools
  • Two 4.5” x 9” x 1” molded plastic organizing boxes for hooks, beads etc.
  • Nine 4”x 6”, Six 5”x 7”, and Nine 3” x 4.5” re-sealable clear poly bags with Velcro® binding attachment

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