Fishpond Nomad Hand Net Tailwater

Versatile, practical, but not for those little brookies, either, this Hand Net has bigger fish in mind. Perfect for western waters, monster browns, and a few more places I'm not gonna say. I remember the first time I had a fish on that was too big for my net. It was in the dark, I was alone, and now I'm boring you. Anyway, I ran out the next day and got a bigger net. This one would have been perfect at the time (this was around 15 years ago). It can be perfect now, come to think of it. 

  • Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass composite
  • Waterproof/weatherproof & buoyant
  • Clear rubber net bag included--Black bag sold separately
  • RiverKoat finish (rubberized paint for the greatest grip when wet)
  • Patent pending

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