Fishpond Bow Wow Dog Collar

A stylish dog is a beautiful thing. A dog, attired well, adorns not just the owner, but the world.  (Didn't your mom tell you, 'Eat for yourself, but dress for others'?) By 'stylish,' we're not suggesting flat-brimmed hats and oversized hoodies.  Most dogs are smart enough to spot a flash-in-the-pan fad when it comes along.  Most dogs, actually, have better taste than that.  What a well-dressed dog is wearing is a beautifully designed jacqard-weave collar that complements his eyes, his coat, and his self esteem.  He's wearing a Fishpond Bow Wow collar.  But these collars aren't just lovely, they're durable, adjustable, practical, stain resistant and, well, Fishpond. Don't forget the leash. Coordinating Bow Wow Dog leashes are also available!

  • Adjustable quick-release buckle, fits most sizes
  • Available in a variety of jacquard patterns
  • Will not stain clothing like leather when wet
  • Medium 15-24 inches

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