FISHPOND Barracuda Clipper

I've been using Fishpond's clippers ever since they started making them, and each edition is better than the last. The patented, aerospace grade aluminum tubular body is larger than previous versions, meaning they're easier to hold and handle, especially for larger hands and allows for comfortable and precise use for that perfect cut. New for 2015 is the chopping block design with one replaceable stainless steel blade which allows for a cleaner, more consistent cut than two opposing blades. Handsome (as most things Fishpond), the clippers pair nicely with Fishpond Swivel Retractors.

  • Aerospace grade, tubular aluminum body
  • Replaceable stainless steel blade
  • Hook eye clean out tool
  • Patented, ergonomic design
  • Cuts braid

Note: Stainless steel blades will rust in saltwater, so treatment with a rust inhibitor and lubricant before use is essential. Don’t forget to rinse and treat again after use.

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