FILSON Travel Tray Orange Tan

The quintessential cool item for anyone who spends the night away from home (having planned to do so). Whether you're at the Hotel Hassler, No. 11 Cadogan Gardens, in your 1966 Airstream Safari, in a tent on Mt. Katahdin, or just under the stars in your best state park, the Filson Travel Valet tray will keep you stuff together in style. Unpack it, snap the corners to create a bowl, and whenever you need to, then toss your essentials in so you'll find them in a snap all together when you need them.  Think about it.  How many times have you had to scrounge and search for your various items when staying away from home: watch, keys, cellphone, cufflinks, loose change, cigar cutter, false eyelashes, tie clip and wedding ring.  Unsnaps flat for when you need to leave. Easy snap closure. We like the orange and tan model so it's easy to find in low light.
  • Fabric is tear- and water-resistant
  • Edges are bound with saddle-grade Bridle Leather for added  druability
  • Wipe or brush clean
  • 9" diam.

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