FILSON Moleskin Seattle Shirt

Whenever a man comes into our shop and we notice that he's stopped moving around, it's nearly always because this shirt has basically arrested him. It might not look like much across a storeroom floor, but the colors are very masculine and inviting to a certain type of guy. Then, when he's actually reached out and touched the fabric, there's a moment in which time freezes. He's fallen in love. And the response is: he can't resist putting it on. Can't resist buying it. 

We understand these things.  You will too, once you get into your own.

Filson's Moleskin Seattle shirt is a more contemporary update of classic Filson shirts. Straight collar, double expandable patch pockets, back pleat.

  • Center back pleat
  • Relaxed shoulders
  • Two expandable chest pockets with button flap closure
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Wind resistant
  • Straight collar

Dry clean recommended.

Imported, 100% Cotton moleskin 7oz.

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