DOUGLAS Upstream Rods

When we got these rods in the shop, their color immediately caught our eye and curiosity.  There was something so light, so grassy, and so unassuming about not just the color, but the rods themselves. When we got out on the lawn and started casting we each in turn looked at each other and nodded gravely. It's our way of saying, "Wow, nice rod." Then we fought over the casting of it.

Once you cast one, you'll feel the same. Like us, you'll be happy to have found it. The Upstream Rod series will charm you, tempt you, and once again get you thirsty for those small streams that you so love to fish. Here's what Kirk Deeter wrote about them when these rods first came out: The Upstream rod series has a super-light, ultra sensitive feel. There are only four models: one 2-weight, two 3-weights, and an 8'-8" 4-weight that actually weighs an astounding 1.72 ounces (which is what I am fishing). They're graphite, but not the common high-modulus action. They feel more like fiberglass, but with a little bit more oomph. What that ultimately translates to is excellent line control, and for my money, line control is the name of the game, especially when you're pitching dry flies at tight targets on small water.

Each rod is designed to have a minimal, yet exacting approach to bush and upcountry fishing environments. Any of these rods will help you meet and master the dual-challenge of close casting and line control. The high modulus blanks are finished with cork cap, ring reel seats and a natural Tonkin Bamboo colorway with clear wraps. A fabric sock and a lightweight 1 5/8” brushed aluminum rod tube are included with each rod.

Order by phone: 734-580-2102

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