DOUGLAS Upstream 6-piece Fly Rods

When we got these rods in the shop, their color immediately caught our eye and curiosity.  There was something so light, so grassy, and so unassuming about not just the color, but the rods themselves. When we got out on the lawn and started casting we each in turn looked at each other and nodded gravely. It's our way of saying, "Wow, nice rod." Then we fought over the casting of it.  Now we've got a solid following for these rods.  Everybody wants one. The 6-piece rods are especially delightful because of their great packability. 

Each of these high modulus blanks are finished with cork cap, ring reel seats and a natural Tonkin Bamboo color way with clear wraps. A light weight 1 5/8” brushed aluminum rod tube and sock are included with each rod.

21015 Upstream 3706 7’0” #3 1.75 oz 6 $425.00
21020 Upstream 3766 7’6” #3 1.68 oz 6 $425.00
21030 Upstream 3806 8’0” #3 1.75 oz 6 $425.00

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