Fly Tying Supplies

YES!  We do indeed carry fly tying supplies.

Of course, not every shop can carry everything, but we've got a ton o' stuff!  Too much to put on our website (yet), and some might say too much for the small space we're in, but we think it's juuuust right! We carry Hareline, Wapsi, Flymen, OPST, Loon, UTC, Veevus and plenty more. Give us a call at 734-580-2102  for what's in stock, updates, details, prices, tying help, or anything else you might want to know.  We ship, too!
  • Materials: dubbing (all kinds!), feathers (necks and saddles, marabou, schlappen - Rhea, Pheasant, Lady Amherst, Gadwal, Mallard, etc etd ), hair, synthetics, braid and cording, floss, thread, cones, beads, dumbell eyes, flashy stuff, Icelandic Horse Hair, wire, chenille, mayfly tails, wing material, foam bodies -- more!
  • Hooks: a wide selection
  • Tools: Vises, bobbins, threaders, winders, stackers, packers, scissors...
  • Adhesives, including UV cure glues and lights, UV Knot Sense
  • Hook boxes, tying tools caddies, beginner tying kits, tool kits, and books!
  • Call 734-580-2102 for more info!