Why this Blog?

Here at The Painted Trout, very little comes easy (or easily, if you prefer).  We have blogged in the past, the best one being Fly Fishing Intel written primarily by Dirk Fischbach, one of The Painted Trout's founding partners. But we were getting requests from people to get "more basic" -- the complaint being that people had to have a bunch of years in the sport to even understand what Dirk was talking about.

So with our new website, and from the store's new location, we're happy to begin this "more basic" blog written primarily for those starting out in fly fishing or thinking of doing so.

Sure, you can go to YouTube and watch instructional videos all day long, and we hope you do. But a blog is a different animal – maybe going the way of the dinosaur as more and more people communicate solely through pictures, but for now it's a living animal. Blame it on our love of words, on our interest in silence, or our own limitations as videographers, but for us, a blog speaks differently. Some of these posts will be instructional, some informational, some will be about travel, and some will be short essays, but we have the new entrant in mind as we curate and create these posts.  We hope you find them entertaining or useful, and maybe even both. Contributions welcome, comments also. Contact info@paintedtrout.com if you'd like to submit. Here goes...


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  • Jim Smith

    Love all the info I can get! Just retired. Been fly fishing one year!Spent last year in Alaska, didn’t catch a lot of fish but what a beautiful state! This year back to my roots, Colorado, Wyoming. Hopefully I have learned enough to be a bit more successful! Looking forward to all the info you can pass my way!, thanks for your time and effort!!

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