Huron River, Dexter Michigan

DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER... at least not down in the southeast part of the state.  Rivers, streams, ponds and lakes are dramatically low. Sudden rainstorms notwithstanding, it would take a lot to bring the water up to fishing levels. Two weeks ago at a Tenkara and Two-Handed casting event that we held on the Huron, the water was wadable where it generally never is, bathwater warm, and void of working fish.  Some smallies were pushed together near their beloved logjams, but nobody was too keen on bothering them. It would have been just plain rude.

Class on Huron River Low Wateer

Today, the HURON RIVER is flowing at about 134 cfs, which is pretty seriously low.  No drift boat or skiff would make it through that water, and anyone in an innertube better be ready for some bumps and grinds. Kayaks may have a prayer, but canoes maybe not. This time of year we should see the ephrons starting, and caddis active in the evening. But like I say, nobody is venturing out much, maybe not even flies.

MILL CREEK in Dexter is about as warm as it gets before we start seeing mortality.  When people come in the shop and hint around at it, I point blank just tell them, Please don't fish that stream. Between the low water and its high temperatures, any stress on any of the fish could well be fatal. Practice casting on the lawn. Watch videos.Tie flies.  Just don't fish Mill Creek.

Up North, of course, things are very different.  There's water, it's cool, it's clean, and once the Canoe Marathon is over, the Ausable, at least, will seem like paradise.  I'm comparing here.

Dirk is out in Montana fishing the Kootenai River, scouting out a destination trip for next year.  Make sure you stop by the shop next week and ask him how it went.

Pat and Bull Trout Kootenai RIver

Dirk's Brother-in-Law with a juicy Bull Trout on the Kootenai.

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  • Denny Shaver

    Water here on the Grand River is low…to extremely low. I was able to take customers down the river Monday and Friday. Water temp…76 degrees.

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