Rivers Report 6/21

Lauren holding bass, flint river

The Huron River continues to fish well, with the early evening bite providing a lot of activity. We have had some stellar Golden Drake and Iso action, but the steadiest top-water producer is a Bugle-Bug-style popper in chartreuse or orange.
Under the surface, black Woolly Buggers in all varieties continue to bring good action.
The carp game is ready to kick into full swing, as the mulberries are ripening and some are dropping. The fish still seem a bit sketchy about the whole thing, but these hot days will change that.

The Flint River has been very good, but low water and the evil grass are beginning to take their toll. Good top water action can be had with a popper in any color, and the ubiquitous chartreuse Sparkle Grub is still scoring well underneath.
The section above Mt. Morris Road is fishing better than the lower, but working the deeper runs in either stretch will pay off.

Mill Creek pool, dexter michigan

Mill Creek is low, but its clarity begins to decline at about 8" of depth.  Flow is at 24 cfs, holding steady as of this writing, so you'd have to be extra stealthy to not be detected. Remember that as the days heat up, so does this water, and trout become more stressed, especially if they are crowded into smaller holds of relatively cooler and oxygenated water.  If you plan to fish, take extra care to get that trout released back into the water fast.  Better yet, wait until we've had some rain and/or cooler temps.

Nymphs dead-drifted along the seams, and small dry flies will get results if you're patient. Try a small streamer like a Mickey Finn or a flashy soft-hackle also, especially in the afternoon. Mornings in general favor the midges, though today as I inspected the river, I saw no activity of bugs or risers.

If you have been waiting for the conditions to be right – wait no more. Get out there and put a bend in the rod!

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