Early September

It's September 2nd, the week before the Labor Day holiday weekend, and we're noticing a lot of people out of town. That won't mean, however, any diminution in what we expect for canoe, kayak, and tuber traffic on the Huron over the weekend. That said, the water is low - extensive stretches of low, that is - and it's a tough float if you're in a boat of any kind. Prepare to scrape, in other words. Flow as of this writing is at 143 cfs and falling.

In particular, the stretch between Zeeb and West Deli has a couple of very low water sections, notably one just before what we know as Nude Beach. Hudson Mills is also very low in spots. The good news is that wading should be easier, though you will be dealing with quite a lot of river grass. You will feel like your taking a bath with a salad. 

We are receiving intermittent reports of good top water action from all parts of the upper Huron, with hoppers just recently starting to take center stage. While no one is certain about the Ephron hatch, it's a fact that white flies of one sort or another are hatching in the evenings, and this writer has brought in quite a few decent fish on a swung white wet fly. Talk of any Hexagenia has gone the way of the Hex itself: silence.

Mill Creek is low, too, ( 36 cfs and falling) but not as muddy as it's been a lot of this summer. Things have settled down, apparently. The stretch at the Cemetary seems to be screaming for hoppers along the bank. 

The Flint River is in full grass mode. It can be fished, but you have to be careful wading and pick your spots. Baitfish imitations are key. Don't bother floating; you'll never get your oars out of the weeds.

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