Early July

Posted on July 11, 2015 by Dirk Fischbach | 0 comments

In general, the heavy rains have been a disaster for the local fishing – Mill Creek has been more suitable for plowing than fishing, and the Huron has been high and stained for two weeks.


Mill Creek:

Was fishing great with streamers and Copper John-style nymphs, and solid dry fly action in the evenings with caddis and small Adams.



Flows have been about three to four times normal, and the fishing has been slow. Beadhead/conehead Streamers with yellow and brown have scored well, and traditional patterns in black (Woolly Bugger, etc.) have done well when you could get them down. This is boat-water right now, and the wading fisherman (don’t even try it if it is over 800 CFS at Ann Arbor) is at a huge disadvantage.


Carp action was really hot before the rains, and if the berries hold out, this game will play out for a couple more weeks.



The Flint is starting to grass up pretty badly, but still has a bit of float left in it. The problem is that the bite has been weak ever since the high water. Best bets are still Chartreuse Sparkle Minnows and Sparkle Grubs.



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