River Reports 5/25/16

Huron River fishing

All the images on this blog post are from this week's fishing on the Huron and Mill.

HURON RIVER: The gorgeous weather of the past few days coupled with lowering flows from a dangerous high a week ago has enabled us to go out and scout around. The Huron is still running at slightly high flows, but it's producing solid numbers of fish, and some of good size are showing themselves. Streamers stripped at a medium to fast pace are getting the majority of takers, with black and dark brown patterns scoring well. Traditional flies like Woolly Buggers and BeadHead Buggers in Sizes 4 and 6 are good, and variations like the Twister Tail seem to bring lots of strikes.

Some bass are on the beds, and you will want to leave the males guarding eggs alone – there is plenty of action elsewhere in the stream. Typical focal points like submerged logs and shoreline rocks are the best bet, but lots of action is being had mid-channel as well.

Big Bass on Huron River

There is a solid hatch of Golden Drakes each afternoon, with a few Yellow Sallies (Stones) popping into the mix. Small tan Caddis are hatching, but so far surface takers have been few and far between.

Best stretches are Osborn Mill and Mast Road area.

MILL CREEK: We're hearing every kind of report about Mill Creek, but the short answer is: It's on!  Parachute Adams, Griffiths Gnats, Caddis, Light Cahills and small streamers are what we're hearing about as far as weapons. 

Mill Creek Brown

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