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Recent Articles

Too Much of a Good Thing or Why We Need a Non-Proliferation Treaty among Fly Line Manufacturers
December 29, 2015

The technical advances within the sport of fly fishing have been nothing short of breathtaking in the last 10 years or so. The advent of multi-modulus layups and improved resins have changed rod design at a fundamental level, while micro-replication and advances in plastics have done the same for fly lines.Yet, at the core of things, the sport remains one of basic simplicity – fool a fish into eating something he shouldn’t through proper presentation and mimicry.

A Split Bamboo Fly Rod, Which One’s Right for You?
December 02, 2015

    A lot of serious fly casters have dreamt, “Some day I’m gonna have a rod just like that.”  That rod of course is made of split bamboo.  So when the day arrives for Mr. or Ms. Angler to acquire a split bamboo fly rod, how does he or she make a wise choice?  My advice is to consider two things before making that long awaited purchase: first, who made the rod and second, what rod action or taper design will fit your style of fishing.

What's Wrong with Fly Fishing, you ask?
November 10, 2015

There has been much talk lately on blogs and other social media about the state of our sport – specifically, “what’s wrong with fly fishing.” I suspect that the end-of-season blues, coupled with an economy still not close to hitting on all cylinders has people grumpier than usual – and speaking out. In all the commentary I’ve read, however, no one has yet gotten down to the brass tacks, even though that is always promised.
As someone who has been at this sport since long before it was cool, and who has made at least a quasi-living off of it, I thought I might throw in my two cents worth on the topic.
Fly Selection Goes Deeper than What Fish are Biting
August 13, 2015

What's the hot fly?

As simple and straight-forward as the question may be, selecting – and more importantly, fishing – the right fly is not always easy.

When a customer asks me which fly or flies they should get, my first question is, “How do you want to fish?”