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Welcome to The Painted Trout!  Whether you're visiting our real-life shop in Dexter, Michigan, or our on-line store, we're glad you found us!

Recent Articles

Why I Abhor Fishing Tournaments
July 20, 2015


It was inevitable, of course, that tournament fishing would find its way to fly fishing. Like a cancer that spreads throughout any body when left unchecked, the need to bring competition and testosterone supplements to what was once “the quiet sport” was bound to happen after it got a foothold in conventional tackle. The surprising thing, I suppose, is that it took so long.

Cutting Through the Tower of Babble and Getting a Better Outfit Because of it
July 17, 2015

Choosing the right gear in today’s crowded marketplace is hard enough as it is without meaningless terminology being thrown in. So, naturally, to combat this, I am going to introduce a brand new term into the nomenclature.

But, if you bear with me, I think it will be worth the ride. Especially since we will bury an existing term in the process.

The Key to Big Fish
June 30, 2015

Fishing lore is filled with tales of “the one that got away.” Fishermen obsess over big fish — both those captured and those lost – and while a good story is never a bad thing, far too many opportunities for big fish end in disappointment. While much of the post-mortem story-telling is apocryphal, it has a strong underpinning in an undeniable truth: Big fish do get away more often than small fry.

Carp Fishing
June 29, 2015

Carp are incredibly strong fish and they require stout tackle to bring them to hand. They also are not a dainty, gentlemanly fighter – they are brawlers that will run the angler’s line and leader against the gravel, take them into their backing and into the tag alders.